Why I didn’t change my name after Marriage

Life on the other side of marriage is different for obvious reasons and I was so ready for the change. But, one thing I didn’t anticipate was the never ending questions as to why I didn’t change my ‘maiden’, name. So, now that I have a blog, why not share my thoughts (this is totally my opinion and I’m open to conversation in the comments below).

For me, my name is my name and I didn’t want to change that. I have a connection with it and I was identified with this name for the last 26 years prior to marriage. That’s my opinion and I respect every woman who has chosen to change their name #doyou. I’m surprised by the narrow minded comments my husband received as a result the worst being, ‘we know who wears the pants in this relationship’, and ‘I would never let my Mrs do that’. Most of this coming from people within my age group. It really did surprise me and thankfully my husband respects my decision. I may change it someday but I’ll leave that to when I’m ready and willing to do so.

Marriage is a choice but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy into everything that comes with it. It’s really important to go at your pace. As a woman I found it important to share this. I don’t think women or men should feel obliged to stick to stereotypes because of society and nor should you feel pressured by them.

I hope this read was useful and  please leave your comments below x